Guest Writers Coming Soon to the ConFluence Film Blog!

It's a great time to keep on checking back at the ConFluence blog, readers! A lot of great things are lining up for the ConFluence blog, including the introduction of The Guest-Writer Series! We will be featuring guest-writers Aaron Hollander (who will be discussing his exploration of director Joseph Losey's entire body-of-work) and Sunrise Tippeconnie (who will be writing about a topic to be decided and announced). A blog article about the subconscious art of pan-and-scanning is forthcoming as well.

Also, the ConFluence blog has a roster of other interviews lined up, including New German Cinema director Peter Lilienthal (1979's Berlin Film Festival winner David and 1982's Dear Mr. Wonderful) who will be interviewed on the topic of rendering and marketing Jewish themes in cinema (also, that interview will be specifically looking at and considering the viability of niche markets in the film distribution world) and, hopefully, actor Elliott Gould.

Also, a friend of the ConFluence blog, Jon Poritsky at the Candler Blog, has double-posted the recent Henry Jaglom interview/article there. Jon is a truly excellent film-writer and an old friend, and I check his blog on a regular basis. I recommend doing the same! And while you're at it, have a look at the other blog-links on the right. Tons of good film-reading there!

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