The Coming Attractions, and the Latest About My Newest Feature Documentary Raise Your Kids on Seltzer

Coming up on the ConFluence-Film Blog, we have an interview with New York filmmaker Amos Poe. That article will be the last text interview featured on the blog for at least a little while as ConFluence is giving way to a new podcast format. Following this, there will be a podcast interview with filmmaker Peter Nicks, award-winning director of the upcoming Sundance Film Festival feature The Waiting Room, a muckracking documentary about healthcare in America. Peter Nicks is an old friend of mine (we're talking more than ten years) and a distinguished maker of documentaries. His newest film is certainly receiving a great deal of attention.

Also, creative collaborator Aaron Hollander will be posting his Best of the Decade list, either to counter or corroborate the one already posted. Counter or corroborate...whatever the case may be, it'll be a good discussion.

Also coming soon: news about my latest film project (the DIY one). I have been wanting to post something for awhile about my upcoming feature-length documentary essay film Raise Your Kids on Seltzer which effectively parallels the lives of three segments of the Jewish population currently in New York: a Holocaust survivor nearing the end of his life, a German-Jewish woman who came to America during one of the heights of Jewish immigration in 1920 and an Israeli immigrant song-spinner. I currently have about forty minutes of it cut together and working very well. There is a long road to go for it and, for once, I need funding for one of these little projects. I'll write more about the film tomorrow, but it is one that I feel very close to and one that I feel could be an important film.

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