Trailer for The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour

Hello from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India!

I am making two films here, dear readers, a documentary tentatively titled Paduka: The Footprint of the Guru and a fiction piece that will be titled The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour (which is supposed to be a tribute title to psychedelic literature of the 60's because this is a tribute to the 60's "journey films" about a man going to remote rural India to find the unknown, unmarked gravesite of an American "guru" named Teschlock who took the main character under his wing as a teenage cross-country-hitch-hike runaway). The lead is being played by William Cully Allen (A Collection of Chemicals and A Trip to Swadades) who is over here with me. It is going to be a Castaneda-esque film, exploring the remains of the 60's idealist in search of his master. The film is very much based on the actor's real life story! The documentary, about the fascinating, extremely controversial life of low-caste philosopher of religion Bibhuti Singh Yadav is some of the most exciting material with which I have ever worked. Stay tuned for more details! These two projects are the first things I have worked on in over eighteen months!

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