The Leather Boys (1963), Hester Street (1975), and Drive Me to Vegas and Mars (2016)

Keyframe, an online independent film magazine powered by Fandor, published four of my articles (with a fifth forthcoming and in the queue).

The publication of the first, Elastic Love: A Valley Obscured by Clouds in Sidney J. Furie's The Leather Boys, coincides with Fandor's licensing of the film for streaming in high-definition.

The second, Hester Street and the Cinema of the Pilpul, covers Joan Micklin Silver's independent classic as it likewise makes its premiere streaming on Fandor in high-definition.

The other two are installments in a video-enhanced production diary series from the set of Sidney J. Furie's latest (and last) film, a personal project entitled Drive Me to Vegas and Mars.  You can read/view the first here, and the second here.  The third and final installment is coming soon!

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