Filmmaker Daniel Kremer at Via Vision's Imprint Films

ConFluence-Film and Public Shore Films has entered a partnership with Via Vision's Imprint Films in Australia. Filmmaker Daniel Kremer was contracted to produce a series of video essays and essay films, most notably for their releases of North Dallas Forty (1979), Save the Tiger (1973), Pretty Baby (1978), and The Rose Tattoo (1955).

U.S. distributor Kino Lorber also contracted Kremer to produce an essay film for their upcoming release of Patricia Rozema's I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (1988).

For North Dallas Forty, Kremer wrote, produced, and directed Looking to Get Out: A Comparative Analysis of the Ted Kotcheff Vision, examining the director's unifying style, thematic concern, and his clear, coherent vision of contemporary life. He also interviewed Kotcheff himself, and recorded a special video introduction to the film. Kremer also recorded a commentary track with screenwriter Daniel Waters (Heathers).

For Save the Tiger, Kremer recorded a new solo commentary, produced a 25-minute essay film entitled Ammo for Shooting Clouds: John G. Avildsen Before Rocky, about John G. Avildsen’s pre-Rocky pictures, including Joe, Cry Uncle, and The Stoolie. He also interviewed Lloyd Kaufman, and also likely the only surviving cast member Laurie Heineman.

For Pretty Baby, Kremer produced a video essay entitled La Vie en Gris: The Anglophone Louis Malle in Seven Pictures, examining the French director's films in the English language.

Also coming soon from Imprint: Hurry Sundown (1967) with a new video essay entitled The Great Ecstasy of Tree-Climber Otto, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Late Preminger, along with a new audio commentary track featuring some very special guests.



For I've Heard the Mermaids Singing, Kremer provided an essay film entitled A Cute, Acute Awareness: Toward a Canadian Sensibility on Film, on the subject of early Canadian independent filmmaking.

Kremer is also at work on an experimental feature with essay film structure entitled L.A. for Pedestrians. That is being produced in conjunction with It's a Zabriskie, Zabriskie, Zabriskie, Zabriskie Point, which is promoted and produced in partnership with Joe Dante's Trailers from Hell.

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