Raise Your Kids on Seltzer (2015) and Sophisticated Acquintance (2007) Now Available on Fandor!

Daniel Kremer's films Raise Your Kids on Seltzer (2015) and Sophisticated Acquaintance (2007) premiered on Fandor on Friday, March 24, 2017.  They are now available to stream and view.  The films premiered on the site the same day as Richard Linklater's Slacker (1991).

The films will also be available to stream on Amazon.com in one week's time.  Kremer's other Fandor titles (The Idiotmaker's Gravity Tour, A Simple Game of Catch, A Trip to Swadades) are currently available to view on Amazon Streaming.

Says independent cinema icon Rob Nilsson, "Sophisticated Acquaintance is my favorite Daniel Kremer film. Considering his young but already distinguished career, that is really saying something. It's smart, well-performed and innovative, and lets you know that, as a filmmaker, he is for real. He makes films right now and out of thin air. While others try to raise money for a film and complain, Kremer raises a few dollars, makes two films, writes a book and gives thanks. He's unstoppable...and on his way up!"

This is the first time Sophisticated Acquaintance (2007) has been publicly shown in its ten-year history. The lo-fi feature, shot on consumer-grade mini-DV, is a hybrid of essay-film, pseudo-documentary, avant-garde, and melodrama, inspired by Ken Russell's early BBC biopics, as well as Peter Watkins' masterpiece Edvard Munch (1973). Kremer began shooting it as his first feature-length film in 2006. In 2007, he shelved an early cut of it, only to finally finish it ten years later in May 2016.

It is the Internet debut for Raise Your Kids on Seltzer.

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